Less than a minute ago isn't good enough?

Beeminder sees red. That is on an iPad. And on the iOS 13 Beta. I opened the app and the text was red and said “last updated over an hour ago” in bright red. I then swiped down to facilitate reloading and then the app presented me with this:


What else do you want from me, Beemios?!

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So the text is always red?

Are you saying it should only be red past a certain threshold?

On an iPhone the text is black normally. Don’t grill me on this but I think there it turns red once it reached the “omg it’s over 9000 an hour since the last update!!!111”.
Whereas on the iPad it’s just always red. Like it’s constantly panicking.

Related: Also every design student will tell you never to use fully saturated colours. And this red looks pretty much like a #FF0000


I love fully saturated colors! Why shouldn’t you use them?

There’s multiple reasons, amongst which is that in RGB there is only 3 (+ their combinations) of them.
They also look unnatural.

Also… red on gray… hurts my eyes. Could use better contrast.

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