Lights-out time button

Hey guys,
I’ve been using beeminder to track minutes in bed before 00:00. Up to this point I have been entering the data manually. What I tried to do is this: IFTTT do_button press on iOS → data point with minutes until midnight in beeminder.

I have made an applet in IFTTT to do that. It sends the time (in minutes) until 00:00 to a beeminder goal, so you can track how early you go to sleep (e.g. I have set the goal to 30 minutes per day, so I have to sleep before 11:30).

If you want to use this applet, create a new one and:

  1. Set the ‘if’ to “do button”
  2. Set the ‘then’ to “add beeminder datapoint”
  3. Complete the fields that show up:
    Select the beeminder goal you want the applet to send data to (I used a “do more” goal).
    Here is the IFTTT+Beeminder macro, which you can use in the “Datapoint Value”.

PROD[60, SUM[24, -TOD[{{OccurredAt}}]]]

  1. Save and test (you can use the IFTTT widget in ios - this is a widget do button after all)

(this was actually a post asking for support, but I tinkered with the macros and it worked finally, just before I posted :smile: )

I hope someone finds this useful. :wink:


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