How do I get time of day from IFTTT for location?

I’ve reviewed these threads:

I want to have a Do Less goal for the number of minutes after 9am I arrive at work. From those threads, it seems as if I should just be able to set a location trigger through IFTTT sending the time to Beeminder, and use the TOD macro.

But it doesn’t seem like there is any way of getting IFTTT to include the time! The only options for “add ingredient” are: OccurredAt, LocationMapImageUrl, LocationMapUrl. None of those seem to have the time.

There was one suggestion to have it send me an email with a specified subject line, then have another trigger for when I get an email with that subject line - which would probably work, but I would really rather not have to do that.

The other problem is doing the subtraction so I can get the number of minutes after 9am - can I just do PROD[60, SUM[TOD[], -9]]?

I specifically want my goal to be a DoLess goal for minutes after 9am, if at all possible.

Thanks for any help.

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Figured it out!

OccurredAt does have the time in it and PROD[60, SUM[TOD[{{OccurredAt}}], -9]] works perfectly. I may need to change it to PROD[-60, SUM[TOD[{{OccurredAt}}], -9]] for minutes before 10 so that I can use the slope functionality.