Beeminding sleep--IFTTT and Flic hack

So, I’ve been wanting to Beemind when I go to sleep, but I want to do it automatically. I use iOS and Apple Watch, so there’s no easy way to do this (you Android folks can use the Sleep app-lucky you!). I recently earned a Flic button for a blog post (thank you Daniel!), and I’ve been experimenting with what to use it for. Today, I’m happy to report that my little non-techy self figured out that I could put the Flic on my bedside table (it has a removable adhesive). Then, I set up IFTTT so that when I click the Flic, it adds a point to my Beeminder graph for "Lights out by 11 pm). I use the Due app (my all-time fave productivity app) to remind me press Flic if I’m in bed by 11 pm. All pretty standard stuff, BUT, then I realized I could edit the IFTTT script so that instead of saying in the Beeminder notes section “I clicked my Flic,” I added an “ingredient” to make it show the time I clicked my Flic. This way I can keep track, via my Beeminder notes, of the exact time I’m actually in bed each night.

If I just wanted to track when I was in bed without specifying a particular time, I could just click the Flic every night when I’m actually in bed with phone off, and that could be a nice series of timestamps for bedtime.

I’m sure many of you have thought of this already, but when I searched the forum, I didn’t find any easy way to track sleep for us iOS folks, so thought I’d post here…

Happy Tuesday!