Link: The real reasons you procrastinate — and how to stop


A rather long (for the web) article on procrastination, covers a lot of things that most hard-core procrastinators already know including the present/future self that beeminder tries to help with, the article doesn’t include a link to Beeminder, does reproduce some of Tim Urban’s monkey comics.

It also covers forgiveness, which Beeminder also uses in adjusting the road for you when you derail.

[R]esearch suggests that one of the most effective things that procrastinators can do is to forgive themselves for procrastinating. In a study by Pychyl and others, students who reported forgiving themselves for procrastinating on studying for a first exam ended up procrastinating less for a second exam.

This works because procrastination is linked to negative feelings, the researchers say. Forgiving yourself can reduce the guilt you feel about procrastinating, which is one of the main triggers for procrastinating in the first place.