Making a goal red before an emergency day?

I know there is no way of starting Zeno polling before an emergency day, but is there any way of turning it red and bumping it up in the goal list before an emergency day?

For some goals I’d like to Beemind, I need more than a day to dispatch them, and the once-a-day email reminders before emergency days aren’t currently sufficient to get me to work on a goal.

There is in fact a way to have the reminders start before the emergency day. In the Reminders tab in the goal’s settings you can change the text box from 0 days to however many days of lead time you want. Or did you already try doing that and it’s not working as expected?

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Yes, changing the lead time to >0 works as expected, but not as hoped: it doesn’t change the goal to red and bump it up the goal list

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Oh so I think I misunderstood - you said “I know there is no way of starting Zeno polling before an emergency day…” - maybe a typo? But yes, there’s not currently a way to indicate that a goal should go to the red and be higher on the list before its emergency day arrives. I worry that it would be complicated to implement something like this in a way that makes it clear what the behavior is for all cases… it may be possible by converting the goal to custom and adjusting the lane width. Tagging @dreev in case he has other ideas.

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Thanks for checking on this

Re the side issue of Zeno polling, no, not a typo, but perhaps a sloppy

I read on the forums that

“The way it works now is that on non-emergency days, you’ll get one
reminder per day at the time you specify. The Zeno-ing only applies to the
emergency day.”

So, I was thinking of Zeno polling as the type of polling that occurs on
emergency days, aka days when the goal is red (which is why I bothered to
mention it)

[edited out a phone number!]

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Yeah, that’s confusing! Reminders come one per day (for as many lead days as you specify) until the emergency day, then they start zenoing – coming more and more frequently until they’re minutes apart. Or until you dispatch the beemergency.

As for making goals red and sorting to the top before the actual emergency day, I don’t think there’s any fancy solution involving road width, which would be a bad long-term solution anyway since we have big plans to overhaul everything related to road width.

I think the only solution is something involving the nascent tagging feature: