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It is possible to have goal not change to red colour until past mid night?


I have two goals that’s due in early morning every day, after completion, because they are due with 24 hours after an hour or so, they are red for the most of the day, which is annoying because it the same colour as the rest of the goals due today.

I am forced to change the morning goals to have deadline near midnight so that the goals would stay yellow for the day.

This is your loss since almost all my pledges paid for from morning goals since I slept in alot.

If you can update the option to have goal stay on red for goals due today (not because it is due within 24 hours) that would be great.


Good question but for now we’re pretty stuck with “red” = “due in less than 24 hours”. I wonder if there’s another way we could solve this, like a divider on the dashboard to help visually distinguish the start of a new calendar day. I personally kind of work around this by focusing just on the top (most urgent) goal on the dashboard and when that’s something not due till tomorrow (even though it may be red already) then I can go to sleep.

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