It is possible to have goal not change to red colour until past mid night?

I have two goals that’s due in early morning every day, after completion, because they are due with 24 hours after an hour or so, they are red for the most of the day, which is annoying because it the same colour as the rest of the goals due today.

I am forced to change the morning goals to have deadline near midnight so that the goals would stay yellow for the day.

This is your loss since almost all my pledges paid for from morning goals since I slept in alot.

If you can update the option to have goal stay on red for goals due today (not because it is due within 24 hours) that would be great.

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Good question but for now we’re pretty stuck with “red” = “due in less than 24 hours”. I wonder if there’s another way we could solve this, like a divider on the dashboard to help visually distinguish the start of a new calendar day. I personally kind of work around this by focusing just on the top (most urgent) goal on the dashboard and when that’s something not due till tomorrow (even though it may be red already) then I can go to sleep.

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I also am “suffering” from this problem. :slight_smile: I’ve recently converted a lot of my goals to early deadlines for a waterfall effect and it’s working well for me, except that when I get a goal to orange by the deadline, as soon as the deadline passes, it turns red again.

I know that’s exactly how it’s meant to work, because an early deadline means that the next day starts early for that goal, as described by @shanaqui at Allowing deadlines for integrations - #5 by shanaqui
So this is definitely a feature request not a bug, and I realise that it may not be possible to change this behaviour - as @dreev suggests - but I wanted to record my feelings about it. :slight_smile:

As an example of how the current behaviour is “bad” for me:
For my exercise goal, I set the deadline to 5pm because if I do weight-bearing exercises after that, I’m too tired to perform them well. If I get my goal to orange by 5pm, that’s a success and I don’t need to do any more exercises for the rest of the real-world day. But then when I see that the goal is red again after 5pm, it’s a bit of a disappointment, and gives me less of a successful feeling when I look at my goal list, plus it makes it a bit harder to recognise the goals that really are red for today.
(I’ve worked around this on my laptop with a bash script that prints my goals with their “proper” colours, so this is a pretty minor issue for me.)

If I did do any exercises after 5pm today (e.g., if I felt awake enough and wanted to build up safety buffer), I’d want them to be recorded in the goal with today’s date - not with tomorrow’s date which is what happens at the moment. Again, I realise that tomorrow’s date is the correct behaviour, it’s just not what I want. :smiley: (But of course it’s easy to edit the dates.)

It’s sort of like I want two different types of deadlines for each goal. I want the “day deadline” (the type of deadline that Beeminder has now) to remain at midnight, so that any data submitted at any time today goes in with today’s date, and so that the colour doesn’t change until midnight. But I also want a second type of deadline that forces me to get a goal to orange by an earlier time - a “safety deadline” I guess you could call it.

I.e., if the goal isn’t orange by the safety deadline, I’d want it to derail immediately. It’d be like an automatic “Uncle!” button that triggers itself at the safety deadline.

So I guess my feature request is: Can we have an automatic uncle button, with a trigger time that can be set differently for each goal, and that is completely separate from the deadline?

This might also be solvable with Continuous Beeminding, if that becomes a thing.