Derailing in 2 hours but goal is orange not red

I just set up a goal to test the the Slackbot zeno polling to a channel. I had to guess how to do that because there’s no write up about it. Just a little hover text telling me to type in the channel name, not including the hash, would have given me the confidence to set it up without doing a test goal.

Anyhoo, I set up a goal with zero safe days and was greeted with this:

Methinks it really ought to be red.

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Hmmm, now it says this:

I didn’t add any data in between the screen shots.

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If you just created the goal and refresh the page a bunch, I think you can sometimes see some odd things happening as the goal creation dust settles. At least I hope that’s it! Otherwise I’ve never seen Beeminder get confused between red and non-red colors.


Interesting. It was a very fresh goal.