Making Money With Beeminder

I had mentioned a bit ago that my wife had started Beeminding checking our budget every day. She looks at the budget and then asks me two questions. It has worked great we communicate constantly about the budget now which has better kept us on track. I have used a Beeminder goal to limit Credit Card usage. Also I have a goal to make sure transactions are kept up to date.

With all the above we have actually saved money in the hundreds by being more intentional with our money.


Two questions?

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Basically she asks me two questions about the budget. For example she could ask me how much is in our groceries category. Or could ask how we are doing on our vacation goal. This has made her look at the budget more throughly since she has to ask questions. She also now really like YNAB where before she could care less what we used for budgeting. She is actually trying some to get other people she knows on the YNAB bus.

I also have a goal where I send her a screenshot of all budget category movements and all transactions for the prior day. This keeps her up to date on any changes.

Far as the money saved it reduced our spending by about $300-$400. So saved way more than was spent on derails.