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YNAB API + Beeminder = YES PLEASE!!!


Hey, all! I know I’m not the only YNAB (You Need a Budget) user who’s also a Beeminder user. Daniel has given me the go-ahead to make this post as a way to collect suggestions for integrating Beeminder with the newly released YNAB API.

My own YNAB goals, all of which are currently manual, but which I’d love to turn automatic:

  • A do-more of reconciling my accounts X times per week
  • A reverse odometer (cumulative do-less that resets every month) for spending in my “lunch” category
  • A do-less of categories I have to WAM (move money from a different category to cover overspending) per reconciliation
  • A do-more to update my YNAB forum journal (I imagine this probably doesn’t connect to the app’s API, so it might have to stay manual)

I also have a do-less “delivery” goal that I update manually whenever I get takeout or delivery (and I’ve recently revised it to be triggered when I get lunch out or go out to eat in a restaurant as well), which could probably be automated as well, by triggering whenever there was a new transaction in my “delivery”, “lunch”, or “restaurant” categories, though I imagine that would probably be a bit more complex to set up.

What YNAB-Beeminder integrations would y’all like to have?


I want a “uncategorized transactions” one, and do-more reconciling my accounts X times per week.

A few weeks ago, I did request YNAB API access… haven’t heard anything yet. :frowning:


YNAB is the best. :slight_smile:

It’d be interesting to be able to have a goal to increase the Age of Money metric. Also, how about one for getting your To be Budgeted category to zero once a month? Or how about one for reaching a savings goal in a particular category?


Love YNAB, auto bank sync doesn’t work for Non-US users though and for various reasons I reverted to YNAB4.

My main goal was to make sure that I use the app to add spends, not-out-of-sight, not-out-of-mind and all that re:budget.

My current link with Beeminder is therefore pretty basic. I use Zapier to monitor one of the subfolders of the YNAB Dropbox which gets automatically ‘updated’ when you add a transaction via the App.

Any update = +1 to Beeminder do more goal.


When I used to track spending (before YNAB), by far the most important metric was until when I would have to wait before I was allowed to spend money again per-envelope. The mobile spreadsheet featured that prominently.


As a side note, I got an email today saying that it’s open for everyone now. I think that’s actually been the case for a bit, but it’s super-super announced now :slight_smile:

I want this so BADLY!


Seconded!! I hope some more YNAB and Beeminder users will weigh in to demonstrate the size of the potential user base. I suspect that it’s large!


I’d love something like that, too. I was also thinking if it’s possible to write an integration myself using akrasia, but since @csu is not very active and the project itself seems to be on hiatus (even though my memrise goal still works…) I don’t know if it’s a good investment of time.

Are there any other beeminder inetgration frameworks like akrasia (I guess is not something like that?)?



[Edit: Though, I’ll admit this falls fairly low on my own personal wishlist; but I’d use it. Esp. Beeminding age of money.]


Ooh, I love YNAB! Even though it hasn’t been able to sync automatically with my bank for longer than I can remember.

I currently beemind (via a complice integration) inputting data to YNAB.

If there was a direct integration, I’d be tempted to start beeminding age of money and the size of some savings goals.

I especially like the sound of beeminding “do-less of categories I have to WAM (move money from a different category to cover overspending) per reconciliation,” though that might be tricky to implement! I find YNAB works really well for letting me have a better rough mental picture of how much money I have to spend (so I fairly successfully decide on-the-fly “I can find $20 for this” vs “I can find $200 for this”) but I still don’t tend to check YNAB before purchases, even large ones; anything that slapped my wrist for buying first and re-budgeting second would be really helpful.


YNAB4 user here! So no API love I’m afraid. I’m outside the US so moving to the online YNAB makes not that much sense for me. Also I’m not gonna spend $84 a year for a glorified spreadsheet with not much added functionality over YNAB4 which still does the job nicely for me.

Neat idea, I might steal that :slight_smile:


Tiller can be a pretty good option. It uses Yodlee to inject data into Google Spreadsheets, and you can do envelope style stuff, like YNAB. You can definitely tie Google Spreadsheets and Beeminder together…