Meta-minding Beeminder data using for automated temptation bundling

For a long time I’ve done temptation bundling by entering negative datapoints on my do-less techtainment goal for things like exercise and chores. Today I decided to try automating some of this by automatically posting a negative datapoint to my techtainment goal when I post a positive datapoint to my exercise goal. Here’s how I did it with (formerly Integromat).

First create a new scenario and set the initial module to a new webhook. I named mine with the name of my Beeminder goal, since this webhook will only be receiving data from a single goal.

Configure your Beeminder goal to post to this webhook URL.

Add a test datapoint to your goal. will use this request to infer the data structure of the requests you’ll be sending to the webhook. Once you’ve added the datapoint, should show that the structure was successfully determined.

Add a Beeminder module to create a new datapoint on your destination goal. In my case, I’m negating the value of the original datapoint.

Click “Run once” at the bottom-left of the screen to tell to listen to another request so we can make sure everything’s working.

Add a datapoint to your source goal, and then confirm that everything looks right, both in and in your Beeminder destination goal.

Finally, exit the editor and enable the scenario to start the webhook listening for future datapoints.


Thanks for the detailed walkthrough! Looks as though I may be able to replace my premium Zapier subscription with the free tier at Make.