Lifetime Sale on like Website

I know that there are a lot of users here. is software that uses Make’s platform and adds some database capabilities.

The big thing is that they are running a lifetime sale that ends today and running scenario’s through Boost’s version of Make is WAY CHEAPER than through

$10 a month at gets you 10,000 operations a month but a $60 Boost lifetime license gets you 50,000 operations a month.

I personally purchased and activated the highest tier.

If you want to see some examples of how Boost/Make integrates with Beeminder here are some forum posts from the ever helpful @narthur

  1. Gcal Events on the Zeno Schedule with
  2. Meta-minding Beeminder data using for automated temptation bundling

I am not afilliated with Boost in anyway but the value proposition is stunningly good because automation software is so expensive so I just wanted to share.