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The app does not support two different metrics with the same target slug. You have to create another intermediate goal like cycling_count for counting and use it as a source goal for the “compos” metric.
Now the app filters slugs that are in use by other metrics so this error should not happen again.

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Update: it doesn’t. binary gives a aggregated value of 1 even when the datapoint entered is 0 what I needed was nonzero

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Another vote for fixing some stupid aggday naming and updating the handful of goals that expect the weird behaviour. Candidates:

  • binary => nonzero
  • mean => truemean

It also deletes all data from an input goal if you archive it. Would it be difficult to make it stop updating an archived goal or something, but leave the data intact?

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The app should never delete points from an input goal. You can uncheck the “active” box on the goal configuration page. This will cause the app to completely ignore this goal.

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The only checkbox I can find is an “Enabled” box that is either on or off for all of the goals, as far as I can tell. I thought you meant to remove the multiplier from the “Source Goals” list before I archive the relevant source goal, but that didn’t work. I derailed again because of deleted data points.

Im not sure I understand what happened. Do you find the UI confusing?
It can be changed

I don’t know what happened. All I know is, no matter what I try, I derail if I archive a goal that was (at some point in time) a source goal.

Could it be that the problem is keep sending data even if the target goal is “archived”?

We can try to debug it together. Please send me in private the details about the names of the goals (the input goal, target goal), and when did you archive it.

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First of all, let me say how much I appreciate this possibility of additional integrations.
This is exactly why it becomes such a problem when something stops working as it did. For any reason, for a couple days so far, stopped pushing values into my beeminder graph on a regular basis, doing so only when I visit the page and push them manually. I am using the integration with trello.

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Every now and then trello or beeminder api go down for a short while. This might be the reason for the temporary problem.

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Thanks. I hope it repairs itself eventually.

@galtsubery are there any problems at your end?
My beeminder compose goal exercise has not updated since 4th December.
I’ve not changed anything.


I had a problem with the deployment of a new version and didn’t notice the problem . Fixed it now. Sorry about that.


I have been getting a “Params [“Invalid slug”]” error the last couple of days when trying to change or delete and recreate a composed goal.

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I don’t see your goal in the system to it must have been deleted successfully.
What I suspect happened, is something changed in while the goal edit page on was open. Anytime you make changes in (like add or remove goals) you have to refresh the page on If the problem happens after you refresh the page please let me know and I can investigate further.

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Refreshing didn’t help. Trying different browsers didn’t help either.

I found the bug. For some reason I had limitation on the valid length of a slug. Everything should work now.

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I have two odometer goals that I’m trying to combine into a third, and of them can have multiple auto-updates per day. Is there any way I can make this tool work for that?

The updates occur hourly so it should work.