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Yes, it works now. Thanks so much!

I’m not sure if you’re replying to me.

It didn’t work; I got very large values in the combined goal and I assume it was adding up the odometer datapoints from the other goal (it’s technically a urlminder goal; I don’t know if that makes a difference).


Yes, it just adds up the source point goals so it’s not helpful for odometer goals.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look for a different solution.

@galtsubery Did you change anything recently? I seem to have duplicate data getting fed into my composed graph since sometime after January 20.

Edit: Actually, looking back, there are a couple near the beginning of when I restarted this goal on January 10. All of the duplicated data points have multiple goals in the comment, if that helps. I’m not really sure I understand the time stamps in the comments, but the first ones are the same and the second ones are different.

I’m not sure what is causing it. I’ve added some debugging printouts to the log yesterday. Next time it will happen I can find the problem.

Hey is it possible to have more than one composed goal?

I suppose if not I can finagle it with IFTTT.

Cool site, though!

Sorry, you can’t do that at the moment :pensive:

Thanks for making this available for the rest of us, though - if I wrote myself something like this I would have been too lazy to put together a ui or a login system and all the goal information would have been hardcoded…


First off: thanks so much for this, @galtsubery! I’ve just started using to collect data from several input graphs.

I’m seeing this as well:

The top entry is correct; the theo input goal has three data points I’ve entered today. It looks like captured the first two data points earlier in the day, and then duplicated them when it checked later and saw the third, new data point.

Hi @grayson,

You are right, the goal compose metric is buggy and has a few surprising behaviors. The problem of synchronizing data points is more complex than it seems because datapoints, goals and the metric configuration itself can change at any time. is not under active development as I barely use it myself, but the code is out there if anyone wants to take on the challenge of fixing it.

Thanks for your fast response, @galtsubery! I’m not up for taking on’s development, so I’m going to switch to a different method (via Complice arbitrary tasks, since I already use Complice).