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Multi-platform (or macOS) timer that requires explicit acknowledgement when it runs out

I need an app recommendation. Perhaps someone here can help me out?

I’ve been using Timer because I’ve once read about it on SO. It’s a very simple app and I’m enjoying that I can start a timer with keyboard only.

Here’s what’s not working for me. It doesn’t ask for “Okay I’ve been notified.” confirmation. When the timer goes off, it notifies me. It will play a (show a notification) and that’s it. (Dock icon starts bouncing but that’s not distracting enough for me.) As a result, I’ll set a timer for 5 minutes, and it’ll be 20 minutes before I’m aware of what happened.

iOS timer is remarkably different: It’ll go off, and will keep ringing until I explicitly.

I’m looking for a new timer. Any recommendation?


Oh - it turns out both Google and DuckDuckGo actually support this in browser :man_facepalming:

DuckDuckGo is superior in this case. It supports multiple timers, too.


I use “Due”

Timers and reminders can be set to keep going off until you completed them. You can set them to keep going off every 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. I love this since, if I’m in the middle of something, I’ll often think, “I’ll do that as soon as this is done” and then will get re-absorbed in what I’m doing and immediately forget that reminder forever. With auto-snooze, I don’t even have to do anything since I know it’ll remind me again in X minutes. It can get a little cacophonous if I leave the house and forget that I have timers going and come back to a bunch of auto-snoozed reminders, but the lack of friction from having to stop, decide how long to snooze it for, snooze it, and then get back into what I’m doing is really great. I can avoid all that and think, “Oh, right, I have to wrap this up and do that.” and then it just auto-reminds me again. Perfect for my use cases.


I’d very much like to try this app. However it’s pretty expensive as far as apps go these days and I’m reluctant to cough up 7 Euros before being able to check it out :confused: