Beetimerdroid down instead of up?

I was thinking it would be useful if the app would let me count down on the timer until I’ve got a safe day. E.g., if I need 17.5 minutes as my bare min, the timer would start at 17.5 and count down. This would let me do a task without watching the app, until it makes the victory sound or something. :slight_smile:


I just use the standard[1] clock app’s coundown timer for this.

[1] It came on my phone, might be non-standard for other devices.

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I think this would be nice, and @saranli [EDIT: accidentally called Uluc @uluc instead of @saranli] has mentioned wanting to do this.

@insti, I guess your idea is to start a normal Beedroid timer, then also set a separate countdown timer, just to tell you you’ve done enough, then when it beeps, just stop the Beedroid timer. That’s a pretty reasonable workaround!

Yes, that is a workaround in the way that I would use default countup timer if the app didn’t have one. It’s not the end of the world but I thought I’d mention it in case other people thought it would be nice. :slight_smile: