What timer(s) do you use to track yourself?

If you use a timer, which one do you use?
(Mention the platforms, if you think of it.)

I’m on iOS and this is the one I’ve been using for the last couple of years: http://www.atimelogger.com/

I’ve tried others ( e.g. http://optimized-app.com/ ), but have always ended up coming back to atimelogger, in the end.

I also use the, now extinct “Pomodoro” app for Mac when I’m at my desk. It records completed pomodoros and their lengths (& the task I was working on) in iCal, which is convenient for logging datapoints to Beeminder in batches.

How about you?


I use the one built into the Android client, because I can submit to the goal with one click and it takes care of converting minutes and seconds to hours.

  • Tomighty for pomodoro timing on windows
  • ti on Linux for time tracking, I’m screwing around with beeminder integration
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Forest Stay Focused for Android, because for every stretch I successfully complete, it plants a little virtual tree, and then you can see all the trees you grew that day in a little virtual forest. Highly motivating.


On my Mac, I’ve used Minuteur for years. It’s Applescriptable, so I’ve also linked it in to the Beeminder-standard tock script.

For overall how-do-I-really-spend-my-life tracking, I use TagTime.

How do you remember to stop the clock? That’s always been my challenge, and the key attraction of observation-based methods like RescueTime.


I use the pomodoro timer built into Complice, which is due to have beeminder integration any day.

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Another challenge is accommodating interruptions, where an unrelated-but-urgent task suspends the current activity, which should be resumed when the interruption passes.

Does anyone know of a timer that accommodates this kind of thing?

In programming terms, it’s a stack of timers, with only the topmost one active.

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aTimeLogger2 on iOS has a pause. (It can be enabled in the advanced