Multiple Forum post drafts possible?

Now to make yet another post in the apparently Not Very Popular Meta category ;)

Is it possible to have more than 1 Forum post draft at a time? I couldn’t find anything about this, but might have very well missed it; apologies in that case, and please point me in the right direction.

I have checked if this might be a discourse-trust-level-thing, but there are no search results for “draft” on that page, so I assume it’s not that.

Reasons why I would love to be able to have multiple drafts:

  • One draft might be for a Very Long post that’s not urgent to post asap / that might even be detrimental to post asap because it deserves some dwelling-over, so it would be nice if it could just sit on the back-burner for a while, during which other topics could still be created.
  • It says Drafts on the profile (plural).
  • I cannot seem to be able to create any new topic when I have a draft for one. I guess this makes sense if it’s really impossible to have 2 or more drafts at a time, but at the same time, from a layperson user-perspective it didn’t make sense initially (read: before I thought more about it than two seconds :P)
    I had a draft, which I wanted to keep as a draft, but then I wanted to post (immediately) another post (this one). In my mind, “draft” and “immediate post” were two separate things initially, when obviously the Forum doesn’t know that I had intended to post one topic immediately and keep the other as a draft for a while. (And even if the Forum knew that, something could have come up which could have prevented me from actually finishing and posting my “immediate post” post, which would have had to then be made into a draft as well …)
  • It might at least be worth considering allowing one draft per Forum category?

From a quick look around, it seems this is a hard limitation on the part of Discourse, and not something Beeminder could just add on top of the existing setup without changing forum software entirely. :frowning: E.g. a founder of Discourse says:

(That’s about multiple drafts in the same thread, but my understanding from poking around is that the same logic applies to multiple drafts of new threads.)

I think that thread might be the place to comment to add your thoughts about its usefulness!


Thank you for the link! I’ll go ahead and add my thoughts there once I’m on my laptop again. It’s a shame that it wouldn’t be easy to implement, but I can see that there’s probably not a huge percentage of people who would need this.