Probably irrelevant for most adults here... but we need more badges!

We need more badges, e.g. like:

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I think we have some!

True! I was more thinking in the direction of custom badges, not predefined by discourse.

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I looked at the admin badge panel and didn’t see any that could be automatically triggered, for example, by visiting the forum for N consecutive days. I found this thread and it sounds a little more complicated: but still possible! Maybe a good side project to fiddle with one day as a break from other work.

Edit: “possible” may be a stretch, since it looks like we’d need console access, which I don’t think we have on the current Discourse plan. So we might have to self-host to enable this. Which might be worthwhile anyway if we start bumping against other limits but probably not in the near term.

cool, thanks for doing the research :slight_smile: