My personal Goals (2 from 9): Paper Tower

This is my second goal description. The paper tower is not a real tower. It’s a paper tray in which all my incoming mail is collected and waiting for processing. Or invoices which I need to collect. I measure its height in mm. So it is countable…
At this time the height is about 68 mm above the tray. I started with a goal to reduce the paper down to the tray level. I want to achieve this until x-mas! Obviously a lot of paper could be thrown away but some need more care.
To be honest the tower was more growing recently and I had no drive to work on it. I set up a goal on beeminder and at the same time I started to work on it. No excuses any more. Of course it’s almost one month remaining. So without beeminder I wouldn’t achieve the goal. I am pretty sure about this. That’s what I like about beeminder: You set a goal and you are relatively free when to do it. I could do everything in one evening or I can distribute it over the next week. But I have to do it. Finally….


An update how it worked: I achieved my goal to decrease the tower height before x-mas. After the holy days of course some new papers joined the tray but it is within the tolerance level. I must keep an eye on this. Otherwise I will derail if something new drops in. I setup a reminder once a week to ask for the height.
In short words: It worked!


Does new paper go on top or to the bottom of the tower?

It goes on top. In this case you have to work through the pile from time to time…