First changing the description then the fine print resets the former IF…

… you use the pencil to change the description in place:

(and await the green bar that tells you everything is fine)

then go to the “settings” tab (which at this point still shows the old description!) and change the fine print there, too.


You click the button. Then the website yet again will tell you that the goal was updated and everything is fine.

At peace with yourself and the world you walk away only to be confused the next time you look at your goal. It makes you wonder what went wrong in your life. You were so sure you changed that description.
Confused you walk away. You mix up the lids of your two open jams in the fridge. And the food for your cat.

Fix a bug, save a kitten!

Addendum: If you wonder why you (read: I myself) wouldn’t just head straight to the settings tab in the first place… glad you asked! Here is why:
“I should enter that in the goal’s description! It better reflects what I had in mind with this.”
“Ok great! But now it is so long and verbose. So let me change it again and put more in the fine print this time”
And Bob’s your uncle!


Happened to me before, too. Same reaction (confusion). Can still replicate bug.

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