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New feature: Dashboard view

We got a bit further down the rabbit hole on the dashboard than intended and we want to pause development on it now so we can get back to higher priority things. So I want to collect here the loose ends and wishlist for when this bubbles back to top priority.

  1. Whether to include a Today/Yesterday dropdown (discussed in “dashboard the default?” beemail)
  2. Ditch the cog icons?
  3. Problems with sort-by-recent-data for Misfit and other autodata?
  4. Mobile-friendly CSS
  5. Align bare-mins
  6. Countdown to most urgent goal permanently at the top
  7. Dealing with backburnered goals better
  8. The sort threshold feature or ability to pin goals to the top or something
  9. Makeshift friend feature (long story, only matters to @dreev & @bee for now)
  10. Warn on unsubmitted data (HT @mary; might count as important bug. #UVI)
  11. Ajaxify the placeholder text (HT @pds above)

Wikifying this so we can keep updating it. (If you’d like to contribute but don’t yet have wiki edit permission, ping me and I’ll hook you up.)


There’s a Beeminder wiki? Where?

Oh, no, I just meant I set “wiki=true” on the above recap of the loose ends and wish list. Which just means that others can edit it. Or at least it’s a way for me to declare my intention to keep editing it as y’all remind me of ideas not currently incorporated there.

This is a minor point, but currently the dashboard view has no link to archived goals, nor any info on # of freebees left (I know there is a plan to change the freebee system, so maybe this is less important).

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Not a minor point at all! I think that a “list view” of our goals should include all that information, as an alternative “all goals” view to the gallery.

I think that may be distinct from an “operational dashboard” which should only contain the goals that need some attention. Today’s beemergencies, what’s coming tomorrow, what fails the @drtall lint rules, etc.

Because this would be a much shorter list, it may not need sorting or filtering. (Some of @mary’s objections may arise partly from having so very many goals (me too!).)

The dashboard should be firmly focussed on doing, and doing today. It’d also be a great place for us to add our own dailies or mix-in Complice intentions, or whatever.

Which makes it something new in our world. Up to now, we’ve had single-goal views, and all-goals views.

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You know, I wonder if this distinction is at the heart of a lot of divergent requests in dashboarding.

Can we try to list the types?

  1. Operational: What stuff do I need to do today? How much? etc.
  2. Regular/Default: When are all my current goals due? What’s coming up soon? What’s safe for a while? etc.
  3. Nostalgic: What have I accomplished using Beeminder? How is my progress trending for certain goals over the last month/quarter/year? What things have I historically struggled with? etc.

My own dashboard is a mix of all 3 of the types I listed, with Slack integrations to help out the operational awareness.

For me, something like the Android list widget is enough. A list of goals with how many safe days are left. I don’t really need to see how much is needed for an additional safe day, and I don’t need to enter in any data from the dashboard itself. However, I’m fine with the dashboard as it is now. The extra data and functionality don’t bother me.

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4. Public/Showcase. One of the nice things about the gallery view is that it’s shareable and discoverable, whether as prideful trophy-case or as visible commitment. We could double-down on those aspects in a view that has a purer purpose.