Reappearing previous days’ exercise mins

Hello. I imagine this has been answered but I must not be using good search terms. I started an exercise goal last week, syncing to apple health. Working fine and great but I don’t want previous days data to be pulled in. I deleted the data points several times from Beeminder but they keep getting dragged in and repopulated. I don’t want to delete data from Apple Health.

I hate my graph starting with 150 mins or whatever. So today I deleted the goal and tried to start over with no buffer, thinking that was the problem. Looked great until I opened the app again to see all the old data.

I deleted the previous days data on iPad. Got it looking right. Opened on phone. It all pops back.

I want to start at 0 and not give myself any starting minutes leeway safe period etc. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. Thanks!

Hi! This is actually normal and expected – we can’t tell Apple Health to only sync up if the goal existed on that day, so because we stay in sync with Apple Health for a week, the last week of data always gets pulled in.

So I think the thing you’d want to do is ratchet the goal (under the commitment tab), in order to get rid of the extra buffer gained from doing this. (That, or run the goal manually for a week and then add Apple Health, I guess!) Does that all make sense?

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Ah ok cool! Thank you for your reply. Totally new to this and loving it. Will try your suggestions.


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