New Month's Resolutions

January Conclusion

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I’m loving this! I needed a push to get started with the project but it’s doing my mental health good to think through situations from my past rather than just have them pop up occasionally, feel traumatic and get dismissed again (these are more in the vein of “dumb things I have said” rather than actual trauma btw).
And it’s a good thing to fiddle around with on my phone that fills odd moments and then gives me stuff to think about while I’m doing boring things.

It was a rather unformed idea for a project but having written down a number of things now I have more idea about what the point of it is and am definitely carrying on with it. I’m already finding the journal interesting to peruse and am looking at entries now and thinking “I’d forgotten about that” when I literally wrote a page about it within the last month, so I like the idea of how this’ll feel in 25 years.

So apart from having put a short break in the goal so that it can have seven days buffer and reduce my urgency load I’m carrying straight on with it. I’ve kept it at the same rate for now as well but may change that.

The iOS shortcut I made to automate it didn’t work very well, it doesn’t seem to like accessing the DayOne entry count when the phone is locked, and sometimes it decides to count all entries in all my journals rather than just the one I asked for. But manual updating isn’t very onerous as the number of entries in the journal is clearly displayed in DayOne.