Apple Health not updating weight


set up a weight loss goal, linked it to apple health app, however can’t see any updates despite having input weight changes in apple health (manually as it’s not linked to an electronic scale) and given beeminder data read rights on weight. What am i doing wrong? also is there any way to undo the link to apple health and go back to adding weight data manually?



Yeah, it’s a known issue. I tried updating the value several times over the course of three days and it never changed in Beeminder. I reported it in the big Apple Health thread, guys are aware of it, but they don’t seem to have a workaround or a fix yet.


understood. thank you I looked for a discussion of the problem but failed to find it. ah well - they had 10 days to fix it before i breach the safety zone :slight_smile:

is there a way to change the goal so it doesn’t try to poll from apple health anymore?

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Yep, what @wswld said is correct (thanks for replying before I saw this!). I’ve unlinked your goal from Apple Health in the meantime.

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Could you please unlink my weight goal too?


Thank you! :slight_smile: