Non-incremental weekly goals

This must’ve been discussed before, but my searches are not finding it, so I’d appreciate input from those who know more.

The issue is that even if you set up a weekly or monthly goal, Beeminder still thinks in daily increments, which life doesn’t always care to follow.

Example: a “Do Less” goal where you want to spend no more than $100 per week on food. Monday night you have a special dinner planned where you spend $75. That derails you right there, even though you’re still within with your weekly goal (presuming this is a new goal, or one where you don’t want to use accumulated buffer from previous weeks).

Another example: A “Do More” sales goal of $1000 per week. What if you make two $750 sales, but not until the last two days of the week? Would Beeminder not already have derailed you by mid-week?

I’m not seeing how Beeminder’s expectation of “being on track every single day” can work for true weekly goals, since by their nature some goals are accomplished non-incrementally. Of course, a person could “lie” and divide the data up over several days (for the dinner example above, recording $25 over three days), but that sort of defeats the point.

Can’t imagine I’m the only one to have encountered this. How have you made it work?


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You need to keep yourself further ahead of your road[1] and/or make the road “steppy” rather than linear[2].

[1] Unfortunately Beeminder makes it very hard to implement this in a useful way.
[2] You can do this with the road editor or by using “take a break”.

Great question! We talk about that in “Chunky Time”.

I think the short answer is to just check the box for the initial week of safety buffer when you create the goal. Does that make sense?

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I made a related post a while back: A few different questions.

It might be a bunch of stuff you already know, but it speaks to the Beeminder philosophy / why it is built the way it is.