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Specific day of the week goals

There a lot of things in life that need to be done, but only on, say, Tuesdays or Sundays. There is no way to set up something like that using Beeminder without setting up a bunch of things exactly right, i.e. derail behavior/deadlines/when it starts.

Like, if I derail on a Tuesday (t=0) goal, I would like it so that it makes me now do it on Wednesday (t+1). But for the next week, the eep day should be on a Tuesday (t+7) still.

You have to pay other people (IFTTT/Zapier) to let you do something that IMHO Beeminder should have always had. And I’m not even sure how you’d do that.

I’ve been trying to search through this forum just to make sure this isn’t something that people are always complaining about or something with an easy fix, and the only things I have been able to find are the below:

They don’t really address the issue that I have, namely, the difficulty in setting them up correctly, making sure when you derail if it gets back to the right spot, etc.