OpenSource API Doc

Just wondering if you might consider opening the source for the API docs. Or at least providing a way to submit patches as suggestions. Might make it less work for you to get clarifications in.



That sounds amazing. We actually currently have the source for the documentation on an etherpad, which gets pulled in to the git repo for deploys. So not the best setup for public sharing. But since you’ve proven yourself conscientious and super sharp I’ll just give you direct access. Emailing you now…

(Everyone else, please click the little heart to vote for us open-sourcing the docs (among other things) and email me – – if you’ve made your awesomeness known in the forums such that I might be fine with giving you direct edit access as well.)

See also:


I made my first tiny contribution to the docs last night.

I used the browser based EtherPad as I looked at the installation instructions for Ubuntu and thought, no way :slight_smile: