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GitHub projects that use the Beeminder API?

I’m wanting to add a list to the wiki of people’s GitHub projects that use the Beeminder API. Would be grateful if you would share all the ones you know of here! (Or submit a PR on the wiki directly, that’s great too!)

Side note, for some reason the Contributing page has been failing to build properly via GitHub pages… The home page link to the Markdown file refuses to link to the compiled HTML file as all the other links on the page do after compilation. Anyone have any idea why that might be happening?

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Added an initial list with projects I found by searching GitHub:

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Hm, perhaps BAgg might be something appropriate to include? It’s a library, in Elixir, for aggregating Beeminder data points (according to aggday, kyoom, and odom.) That is, it’s a reimplementation of this one part of Beebrain, because Beeminder itself doesn’t expose the aggragated data directly.

It’s lacking in documentation at the moment, but it’s perfectly usable as a library (in short: call Bagg.aggregate_goal/1 with a the results of Beeminder’s goal API (with datapoints=true.))

In addition, I’ve exposed BAgg's functionality as an API endpoint on Altbee, as described here. That might be the easiest way to use it from languages other than Elixir (or Erlang.)


Yes!! Added! :grin:


Here’s an old-but-relevant forum thread, which is a past attempt to compile a similar list:

There seem to be a number of projects in that list that haven’t made their way onto the wiki yet.


Awesome find! Anyone game to make a PR?