Autogenerating Beeminder API clients

I wanted to understand Swagger and the OpenAPI spec, so I wrote an OpenAPI spec for the Beeminder API. You can use this spec to auto-generate OpenAPI clients in any supported language.

Check it out on Github (.yaml, readme).

I hope this is useful for folks who might want to write wrappers around the API but don’t want to do the bootstrapping/boilerplate to set up an HTTP client from scratch in their language of choice.

I’m extra keen for tips on OpenAPI spec hygiene (specifically things like fields which I haven’t filled in but should for better doc generation, object naming conventions, etc.)

And please, @dreev, let me know if this isn’t kosher and I’ll take it down posthaste.


Nice!! Could you submit a or to documenting this?

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Done: add openapi spec repo link by bvtujo · Pull Request #10 · narthur/beeminder-wiki · GitHub