Overperforming without changing a weekly rate

I feel like this might be a dumb question, but I searched and couldn’t find an answer. I set a reading goal of 15 pages a week. This is a really low bar, but I have health issues that could make me miss a higher rate from time to time. I want my weekly goal of 15 pages to stay the same regardless of what I read the week before. So if I go nuts and read 200 pages, I don’t want that to affect the next week. I still want a 15 page goal for next week instead of having 100+ days to read my next 15 pages. How do I do that?


No dumb questions; it means that we aren’t doing a good enough job in the UI to make the answer obvious!

The answer is retroratcheting! Retroratchet basically throws away your safety buffer - if you have 100 days now, after retroratcheting you will be back to 2 days buffer. Premium users have access to a couple more customized versions of this feature (setting the desired days to a number other than 2 and autoratchet, which is having this happen automatically).


…auto-retroratchet might actually be the thing that finally convinces me to go Premium. Sometimes I convince myself not to RR because then I can let something slip for awhile. Nice feature!