A workaround for broken 'do less' retroratchet

This is so obvious that I’m now embarrassed to admit I only just thought of
If you’ve had to retroratchet a ‘do less’ goal, you’re probably aware of
the fact that you can only chose 0 or 3 days (1 and 2 days both result in
the same as 0 – and actually, 3 ends up with around 2.4 days). To work
around that, just create a fake datapoint that is the size of the daily
rate x1 (for one safe day) or x2 (for two safe days), retroratchet to 0
safe days, and then delete the fake datapoint. It won’t help with the “safe
days” feature, which will only let you do 0 (as 0, 1, or 2) or 2.4 (as 3),
but it’s good if you’re creating a goal and want a buffer size larger than
0 and smaller than 2.4.
Hope this is useful to others.