Paris Beeminder Meetup This Week!

We’ve obviously failed at preplanning but it looks like we have a quorum (ok, a single other Beeminder user counts as a quorum as far as we’re concerned) for a tiny, informal Paris meetup this week. (Could even be today – Monday the 9th!)

If you’re in Paris or would like an excuse for an impromptu trip, ping me at and I shall get you in the loop…

Sorry about not making it a Whole Big Thing this time! Not sure if this will end up qualifying for the list of past Beeminder meetups but we’d love to see you while we’re here… :honeybee: :croissant:


UPDATE: The Bee-risian Beetup will be at 6pm tomorrow, Wednesday, July 10!

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Repeating from beemail:

Hello from Turkey (birthplace of and other pillars of Western Civilization)! If you’re also here you should definitely reply to this beemail despite the unlikelihood of a Turkish meetup. We’ll be back in Portland on Wednesday and have all our Beeminder meta graphs dialed back to full steepness next week.

Before that we have critical mass for one more meetup in Frankfurt – Tuesday at 7pm! [tonight!]

The Paris meetup was delightful, btw, even if workerbees technically outnumbered users. :slight_smile:

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Check us out:


Next time, come a little bit more south and visit Barcelona! Waiting for you there :slight_smile:

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@dreev you should totally show off the coasters :slight_smile:

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Ooh, yes! They are the centerpiece of our dinner table but definitely need to be shown off here too. Stand by!


Thank you, @phi!!