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People had success using beeminder to wake up earlier.


On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 11:49 PM, Josh Holland wrote:

I’m thinking of adding a “leave the house on time” goal in the
near future to prevent breakfast email reading from delaying me onto my
morning commute.

I had a "no checking email/random web browsing before leaving for work"
condition as part of a goal for a while, when I was easily getting up on
time but would still leave too late because of that.

The issues I have with my current system are first that it goes against
Daniel’s “QS first” policy of logging as much data as possible (namely
the true time),

I have some binary goals where I make it a point to put the actual data in
the comment, so if I ever want to do data crunching, I have the data there.

and also that it doesn’t work naturally with weekends,

I have some goals (do-less goals) where I’ve defined that I get an
automatic pass on weekends (automatic 0). (In principle I suppose it might
also work with do more goals.)

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