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Pessimistic Presumption on a Do Less Goal with zero rate

I have a Do Less Goal with a rate of zero meaning any datapoint > 0 will hit me. Now I obviously forgot to turn off the pessimistic presumption which led to a derailment. But now I’m wondering why is the datapoint from the pessimistic presumption 2? I had in mind something like twice the daily rate which would be 0 in my case :slight_smile:.
Finally it probablv would be nice if you prompt the user each time after the creation of a Do Less with a hint that this feature is turned on.


The idea is not “twice the daily rate”, but “something that will definitely derail you”! The idea is to make you enter data, because otherwise a flat goal will never send you reminders and never derail if you just forget to enter data. Out of sight, out of mind, is the theory.

(There are some goals where this doesn’t work – I have a goal where the less I think about it, the better! But usually people are beeminding things they want to keep on top of.)

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