Please let me default new goals to private

For me there are three categories of goal:

  1. Goals I absolutely do not want to be public and are private
  2. Goals I absolutely do not want to be public and have forgotten to set private because Beeminder gives me no useful tools to figure out what goals are in this category or to prevent the existence of this category
  3. My blogging goal (which has only recently moved out of category 1)

I find the existence of the second category really quite upsetting. I thought I was being quite careful, but having just checked my dashboard logged out there are four goals I apparently never remembered to set to private.

Given the new (since I last asked about this) goal defaults setting, it would seem natural to be able to control my goal privacy from that. Please can I?


Yes! Please!

Excellent idea! This is now deployed. Adjust your defaults in your account settings and you’ll see the text change on the screen where you choose the goal slug (during the creation of a manual goal - you won’t see the text on autodata goal creation but the goal will still be private).