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2014 goal notes are not accessible


So I’m not sure this belongs in Bugabee, but I’ll start it here. I have been away from Beeminder for a couple years (the shame!) and really like the new look/feel as I get ready to recommit myself to some new goals for 2018. However, when I look back on a couple of my old goals, I can’t see my old notes. I had a reading goal for example ( where I had kept track of all the books I planned to read that year, and just updated the list each time I finished one. But I can’t see where that is now in the new UI. Any thoughts? Is it gone or just moved? Thanks!


Your list is in the “fine print” to the goal, if I understand correctly. The “fine print” is accessible in the new design under “Settings” tab.
Here, I made a link based on your goal link and how it looks in my own goals, hope it leads where I meant (the settings tab is, of course, only accessible to you, so I can’t check):


Public fine print is available, um, publicly, so in a logged-out or private window, this link will work:

(There’s probably a #UVI to be had in making that link work for logged-in folks too.)


Wow, that’s very strange that I can see the fine print when I’m logged out, but NOT when logged in. I guess going forward, I’ll have to track my book list in a different way?


@wboerger - fixed! thanks for noticing this. You should now be able to see the fine print on your own archived goals, while logged in…