Podcast accountability

I’m starting a podcast and I want to use beeminder for accountability at being consistent (weekly episodes) any ideas how can I do that? I’m using buzzprout for hosting


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I think there are a bunch of really great ways you could use Beeminder to help you stay consistent with your podcast.

First, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to connect Buzzsprout to Beeminder directly (unless you’re up for writing your own script, in which case both Buzzsprout and Beeminder have API’s you could use).

However, what I think you could do is use IFTTT to post a datapoint to Beeminder every time there’s a new episode in your podcast’s published RSS feed. Of course, if that option doesn’t work for you for some reason, you can always opt to enter data manually instead.

But beeminding episodes published is far from the only goal you could create. Other possibilities include:

  • Time spent researching
  • Time spent preparing your outline
  • Time spent reaching out to guests
  • Number of guests reached out to
  • Updates to a topics / episodes / guests ideas document
  • Time spent editing the podcasts
  • Time spent working on the podcast generally
  • And probably many more I’m not thinking of!

I’d suggest, though, that if you’re new to Beeminder you start out conservatively, by creating just one or two goals with shallow slopes and low stakes. You can always start to increase your commitment as you learn which strategies work best for you.

Good luck! :smile: