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POSSE data import functionality?

I see the “PESOS” export functionality, but is there something similar for the opposite?

For example, I generate a .json file with datapoints, put it on my website, and beeminder checks daily for new data.

It looks like the api can be used to make something like this, of course, but I was wondering if it already existed as complement to the exporter.

  • Greg

Not as json, but you can email a chunk of historic datapoints to the bot and it’ll try to do the right thing. You may need to go to the settings tab to change the goal’s start date in order to see the history.

subject: user/goal
format per line: yyyy mm dd value "optional comment"

Probably best to do this during goal creation with a flat commitment line; otherwise you risk insta-derailing yourself. You can use the graph editor to approximate your historical commitment later.

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Thanks for the intel! I was hoping for something more automatable, but that’s what the api is for. :slight_smile:

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