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Download all dashboard data to csv?

What would be the best or easiest way to download the dashboard info to a csv? I’d like to have: beeminder goal slug, goal units, short description, amount due, date-time due, pledge due.

This would help me in a number of ways. One thing that I have difficulty with is the relative importance of beeminders in terms of the amount due. So on any given day, I’d like to have these highlighted for me, which I can do in a spreadsheet. Also, it can be nice to work off a piece of paper or directly from a spreadsheet.

Also nice to have in the export would be the pledge cap from settings. Because derailing on a $5 goal with a $90 pledge cap is a higher priority than derailing on a $5 goal with a $5 pledge cap. And to be clear, I take all my goals seriously, but I might pay extra attention to getting the higher priority goal done earlier in the day.


I have a Google Sheets script that imports this stuff into a Google Sheet periodically, and has a refresh button. Lemme dig it up and see if it’s sharable.


Have you linked the google sheet to the API? I would love to see how that’s done, if you’re willing to share it.


This might get you started:

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