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Premium upgrades and downgrades


For the record, I love auto-cancelling.

I am decidedly Not Good™ at phoning up and cancelling things, and only marginally better at cancelling online. There are loads of things (cough Complice) still-being-paid-for that I have yet to get around to cancelling.

In some cases, (cough Complice), I think the service is brilliant, and that my personal deficits keep me from making the most of the awesomeness.

For the avoidance of doubt, (cough Complice) is the least of the outstanding things in my avoidance queue…


Yeah, autocanceling is really key for showing that beeminder is trustworthy - I think the effort that went into that was definitely worth it.


Off topic a bit. I also love complice, but keep bouncing off of it. I know that an Adam that sticks with it would be a better and happier me, but…

I took a Goal Crafting Intensive last weekend with them, and I think after I complete the exercises, I’ll have a better time.


I’ve found BAAS really helpful - Complice was hard for me to get into and I don’t like how it forces you into its “small number of goals” model. Also the way it only works through a web browser makes it difficult to use. The GCI exercises can be helpful (I was there and did a little of them) but also seem geared toward the same model.