profiting from making people more awesome

Dialog with a user today, where I pinged them to make sure they hadn’t
forgotten about a goal that they have a hefty mid-2-figure commitment
contract on:

USER: I haven’t forgotten, but I am buried in [redacted], so we’ll see
what happens — hopefully the yellow brick road will kick me into
action in time! :slight_smile:


that’s going to suck if you drive straight off this road and get charged $XX! :slight_smile:

seriously though, that’s not the way we want to make our money –
rather, the road should force you to toe the line at least for a while
so that when/if you do at some point fall off then the motivation it
provided up until that point made it still seem worth it. we have to
profit by making people more awesome, not just profit from their
sucking! :slight_smile:

oh, and if it really is too much you should dial the road down
(starting in a week, obviously) and then suck it up and get this one
week’s worth of work done to stay on the road!

good luck!
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