Pushing my buttons

Remember when we got those Beeminder-branded Flic buttons? We gave most of them away, but we did keep one for ourselves at the beehive, too.

It sat around our house forgotten for months until, about a month ago, I was calling the dentist to make some long overdue appointments and I decided to set up a flossing goal for myself. I’ve set it up so that when I push the flic, IFTTT sends a datapoint to my newly minted goal and it’s great! My dentist is gonna be so proud.

Having a little physical button that I poke is surprisingly great. It is stuck to the upper corner of our bathroom mirror and every time I’m in the bathroom I notice it and that reminds me to floss my teeth and then I get to push it and my phone makes a soft little ding and it is soo good. Just the tiniest little plink of “yay! i did a thing”. I’d almost do it just for the little ding – Almost. Beeple, I think that this “behavior change” stuff might actually work! :wink:


I love this idea! Question: what are Flic buttons and how can I get them? I have several goals, like flossing, that I currently can’t automate data entry for, so having something like this would really make that process a lot smoother for me.

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You can get Flic buttons at flic.io and there’s an old and overwhelming thread here on the forum with other options for similar buttons:


Sorry to necro, but I saw that @shanaqui mentioned in this thread shanaqui's Beeminder Journal that they were interested in getting a physical button.

Whilst that list linked by dreev is still mostly up-to-date (though AFAIK Amazon have stopped selling Dash buttons), I had a couple of things to add for those looking at physical buttons.

They might not offer them anymore, but the ‘single purpose’ Flic buttons (eg LIFX) that they used to sell for cheaper work just the same for the purposes of triggering eg Tasker. Also, now that they have released 2nd gen Flic, you can get a 4 pack of 1st gen Flics for $60, so they’re much cheaper than they used to be.