Questions about the goal resource


I want to move all my goals to the new pledge schedule. I asked support already but they can’t do nothing about it. The only way right now seems to be to delete the current goal and recreate it, this time opting in for the new pledge schedule. And redoing all your settings and breaks and road adjustments and data points.
Obviously this is not something you want to be doing by hand. Yet at the same time I really want the new pledge schedule. I believe it to be a better match for the way I use Beeminder.

API and its goal resource

Does provide you with everything you need to faithfully recreate / duplicate a goal? I don’t trust the docs on the Goal object but from what I gather by looking at what the service actually returns it seems there is a lot of stuff in it – possibly everything. Is it a good idea to feed this to after calling
I’m asking before trying because in the past the Beeminder server was very unhelpful when it came to debugging. Rather than saying it choked on the field so-and-so, it would just tell me “error” or something like that. Which unsurprisingly was a bit frustrating.

@bee I believe you are the authority on everything API. Care to comment on my endeavour?

Ah, I love that you’re diving in with the superpower that is code and APIs to make this happen! But! Can you wait, say, 2 weeks to see what you think of our latest ideas about changes to the pledge schedule before embarking on this?

Although, having said that, your question sounds really astute regardless and worth having an answer for. Maybe try it on a test goal and if it does give an opaque error, that would be a really valuable bug report in and of itself!

One thing which I know for a fact that the goal endpoint doesn’t include is a goal’s tags. I guess that means that the answer to this question is a definite no, at least insofar as you care about/use tags for your goals.


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