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Can I fix the starting conditions of a new pledge?

I just now created a new pledge to complete 60 minutes of cleaning my room every week. This could be done in one day or over a period of several days.

The thing is, it currently says I need to log 9 minutes within the next day, but I wanted to start off saying that I need to do all 60 minutes today, and then I’ll start off my next week with 60 minutes due by next Sunday.

  1. Is it possible to manipulate the current data to set this up according to my desired commitment? Maybe enter a negative number data point, or edit the initial data point?

  2. Is it possible to create a new beeminder pledge that is already set up as desired, or do I have to somehow manipulate the data as in #1 above?

  3. It actually says I need to complete nine units within one day 9 hours. Does beeminder always convert weekly or monthly do more goals into daily goals?

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Good questions! Thanks for posting – always interesting to know what people are curious about.

  1. You should be able to, yes. I’d do it with the graph editor ( and just set the first graph-row to 60. Bear in mind that then 9 minutes will be due tomorrow!
  2. You’d have to manipulate the graph each time.
  3. Yep! It’s a straight-line graph, so a slope of 1/day or 7/week is exactly the same thing (and 8.58/day or 60/week is also the same thing for the same reason), and we check whether you’re on track every day.