Could we get a "tags" field in the API?

Beeminder’s tags feature is both super-obscure and super-useful. I’ve got a custom browser extension that (among other things) gives me a really nice interface to filter goals by tags, and I must say that it’s really convenient.

Right now I’m building an API integration, and I thought I’d have it do something similar. But strange as it seems, they don’t seem to be included on the goals resource in the API.

Searching in the forum, I found this comment by @mbork, which seems to imply that I’m not just blindly missing the field: it’s really not there.

I’d really like it if this could be added as a field on the goals resource thorough the API. As it stands, external Beeminder clients don’t have any access at all to one of Beeminder’s greatest power-user features.


The tags feature needs to become less obscure (in general)