Rainbow Dash(board)

Just curious what people think of the new rainbow dashboard:

  • Love it
  • Hate it
  • Ambivalent
  • Will probably get used to it
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Notice that we also recently added dark green (HT @grayson) for goals that have 7+ days of safety buffer.



i mostly use the gallery view, so i’m mostly ambivalent about the dashboard view, although it looks very pretty!

on the topic of dark green, any estimate on when that will also hit the widgets? :eyes: asking for a friend … :P

edit to add: it feels like the dark green is way darker (compared to the light green) on the goals itself with the little square saying when a data point is due again … compared to the rainbow dash view, where the two greens barely look any different, and i wouldn’t notice the difference if i’m not looking for it …


As shared on Slack, my answer depends on how tired I am! It first hit for me when I was really tired and I was definitely not pleased with it – it felt like waaaay too much. But, knowing that I was tired, I promised I’d come back to it the next day and give it another shot, and I did, and then I came out feeling a lot more neutral about it.

I’m tired right now so I’ve gray-scaled everything with a browser add-on, though. :laughing: Ssshhh, turn the noise down, internet!


Very pleasant surprise. One of my favorite new features in many years of use.


I don’t care for it. It seems unnecessarily loud and almost like it’s the nineties again :grimacing:. And the colors clash with the beeminder-colored bar thing at the top of the screen.


As I said in the Discord, my ageing eyes really appreciate the colours. I find them gentle on the eyes (not too disruptive or shouty) while still imparting more information than just the coloured borders.

BUT! If you hadn’t pointed out the dark green I wouldn’t have noticed it (but distinguishing green vs dark green in this case doesn’t seem critical to me).

FWIW I’ve been myopic since my early teens and am also now developing hyperopia (yay middle age!) but don’t have any other diagnosed vision issues.


I love it! I actually came to the forum this morning to see if there was a post about it – I noticed it right away when I refreshed beeminder. But it makes it sooooo much easier to see the goal statuses, I now can’t believe I ever survived with just graph colors.

Although I will agree that I can’t distinguish the dark green and regular green without squinting.


I’m ok with it, and always happy to see stuff evolve, but I definitely prefer the more pastel shades over at https://bmdb.michaelhanson.org/


It was a bit of a change, but I agree with the general consensus that it makes goals easier to distinguish.

I also have a very hard time distinguishing between green and dark green. I previously sent the following proposal to the Beeminder support team, but I would also like to repost it here alongside the other feedback:

I would like to propose that the “dark green goal” background color be changed from “rgba(34,140,34,0.35)” to “rgba(0,140,0,0.4)” or something similar. For me personally this color Pareto dominates the regular green:

  • I find this to be much easier to distinguish from regular green than the current color.
  • With black text on a colored background, it still has a contrast ratio of 12/1 according to this website. This is lower than the current color’s contrast ratio of 13.25/1, but it’s still well above the lowest possible passing grade of 7/1.

Link to Before/After screenshots is here.


Which widgets do you mean? In the smartphone apps? I guess you’re less likely to mean the widget generator.

Ooh, yeah, those do look pretty.

Huh, I think you’re right, though a possible counterargument is that it’s intentionally only a subtle difference…

Reproducing your before/after screenshot:


yes! android specifically in my case.


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Um, I think the original reasoning was to minimize clutter and cognitive overload, but maybe that ship has sailed with the whole rainbow dashboard and we should instead lean into this?


YAY! that was missing imo! I like it, it’s much more in your face if something must be done today, or if you can relax about it


In general I’ve found this change positive & useful as a quick glance of where I’m at on my goals, but I have to say it would be nice to have some other non-intrusive indicator besides just color (or an optional colorblind mode), because this is more or less what I see:

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