Beeminder Goal Interview Thingy

Just gauging interest here, I’m dabbling with the idea of making a interactive goal review application for beetuning.
I’m thinking a simple console program but I could be persuaded into making this into a web app. If people REALLY want it, which I doubt, but surprise me.

It’s really nothing much, it’s basically a program that will go through each of your goals, tell you when it’s next due, ask you if you’re aware of that and if that due date is what you want, it will then tell you the goal’s description and ask you if that’s still appropriate, repeat for the fine print, and also ask you if that goal is doing it for you in general.

Really it’s just gonna be a little software holding your hand going through all of your 20 or so goals making it just that bit less tedious.
It would also remember if for some reason you quit the interview in the middle and would resume where you left off if you want to.

So, how about it?

  • Yes, I’m interested
  • No, I don’t care

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That sounds super neat! I’m a little skeptical regarding how well that approach would work for a large number of goals, but I’d be interested in giving it a go.

Sometimes I’ll go through my dashboard and every goal I want to take a closer look at (most recently it was removing breaks I had previously scheduled for travel that got corona’d) I’ll command-click to open that goal’s page in a separate tab. Then I’ll work through those tabs one by one, looking at the stats, doing whatever updates I want to do.

From what you’ve said so far I don’t know if your goal interview thingy would improve that workflow for my use case, but I don’t want to be discouraging and will be delighted to be surprised!


that’s exactly what I am doing so far but I find it all too easy to forget to look at each and every little detail. I want my interview thingy to do the micromanagement for me.