replacement for MyFitnessPal

I did take a look at the other posts mentioning MyFitnessPal

Doesn’t look like MyFitnessPal is getting an integration soon.

Looks like there is a fitbit integration, presumably I could track food with the FitBit app without owning a Fitbit device.

The issue is that i’m pretty heavily invested in the Garmin ecosystem.

Is there a meal tracker app that integrates with both Garmin and Bee Minder.

I looked through the integrations list but did not see one.

Btw, the integrations list would benefit from a single sentence of description in addition to the title of the integration. There are enough integrations that reading them all would be a bit of a chore.


You can allow MyFitnessPal to write to Apple Health data and then sync Beeminder with Apple Health iirc. I don’t know if it helps and I don’t know alternatives for Android ecosystem; anyway, usually there’s some intermediary app.