Best fitness apps that integrate directly with Beeminder

After some searching, I am still having trouble finding a clear cosensus on what Android app(s) would be the best for integrating data with Beeminder. Even if the data had to go through IFTTT it would be fine. I am looking to automate my tracking as much as possible without having to enter data manually into Beeminder. Any suggestions?

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I suppose it all depends on what you mean by fitness data and by ‘best’…

We’ve got RunKeeper integration, as well as Garmin and Epson and FitBit and Misfit and several options for weight, and sleep-for-android, etc.

Plus there’s an intrepid community of folks using things like Strava and MyFitnessPal to somehow update their goals.


What fitness metrics are you wanting to track.

I use the following:

  • Garmin Foreunner watch to count steps. Beeminder picks these up from garmin connect
  • Garmin Edge 1000 to record cycling. These are uploaded to garmin connect which updates strava and ifttt picks them up from strava and updates beeminder
  • Garmin foreunner watch records runs, updates garmin connect which updates strava and ifttt picks them up and updates beeminder
  • Tanita scales connect to Ant Weight Scale android app which updates fitbit (not incredibly reliable) and beeminder picks that up.

Hope that helps.


PS I have a partially complete python library that can connect strava and beeminder but the ifttt support now does all I need.


Do you get correct values from the integration?
With my Vivoactive and Vivoactive 2, it never worked correctly and no solution was found despite great efforts from @bee